Michelle LaRoche / Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is a way to add a wide variety of whole food plant based raw nutrition into your body consistently day after day. The addition of Juice Plus+ to the diet gives you a rainbow of 26 fruits, vegetables, grains, grapes and berries which will help the body to build a healthy body at the cellular level.
The Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ will allow you to grow a farmers market on your porch…organically, choosing what you want to grow. The Tower Garden eliminates the need for soil and weeding, growing crops in half the time!

National Marketing Director for National Safety Associates and Juice Plus+. Michelle is a health activist focused on inspiring and educating others to take control of their own health by creating vibrant healthy lives with an abundance of colorful plant based sustainable foods.

Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap with 26 fruits, vegetables, berries, grapes and grains dehydrated and put in a capsule or a chewable form:)

The Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ allows you to grow a garden of safe, organic vine ripened fruits, vegetables and herbs right on your deck! Upright, aeroponic growing system with no soil, no weeding and a rapid growing time!

Michelle is having fun developing a global team of dedicated individuals to help make a difference in their health and their wealth, one individual at a time!

‘We don’t have to be sick…. 75% of illness is lifestyle related and could be prevented, let me help you on your journey to better health!’


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Michelle LaRoche / Juice Plus+