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I have authored a book about the glass ceiling and the struggle baby boomer women went through establishing their careers in a corporate America that just wasn’t ready for them. Through this, I have become a women’s advocate. My book has led to presentations to women’s initiatives and at conferences for women, and I am interested in presenting to many other kinds of groups. I am turning the book into an educational board game to be used in schools for grades 7-12.

It all started with one little book about baby boomer women. Entitled Lest We Forget: A Salute to the Women Who Entered Corporate America Without a Road Map, this charmingly illustrated book tells of the challenges these women faced when establishing their careers in 50 short pages. Written from countless interviews, “Lest We Forget” has quickly developed a broad appeal. It has been nominated for an Amelia Bloomer award, and has led to numerous glass ceiling presentations at women’s initiatives.

The baby boomer women of the ’60s and ’70s were corporate trailblazers. Never in history had so many educated, ambitious women entered the workplace, planning on corporate careers in addition to or instead of family life. Yet today, their extraordinary accomplishments have largely been forgotten. This charmingly illustrated book is a short, insightful look at these remarkable women – the challenges they faced, their triumphs, and the lessons they learned. The situations described in the book will make women in their 40s, 50s and 60s cringe, chuckle and sigh, because all of them are true, given to the author through countless interviews. Yet the situations are leavened by the illustrations, making this book a delightful read.

Many women have told the author that they feel vindicated reading the book, because their struggle has been recognized and chronicled for future generations. It is a “must read” not only for the trailblazers but for the women who have and will benefit from their hard work.

The book “Lest We Forget” is now being turned into an educational board game for school use.