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 I am Peg Jones of Angelical Whispers. My office is at 234 Cabot street in Beverly MA. i am a life coach helping others to see how our angels work with us on  a daily basis. I help others to see this through individual coaching and classes. I will be starting and Angel Communication class in MAY FOR 12 WEEKS.  i have an weekly circle with the archangels.  I offer angel intuitive readings and also i am a Akashic Records Practiioner and a Reiki 2 practitioner.

i have a new book coming out hopefully May of 2013. The name of the book is Living In The Heart Place with Your Angnels: Daily Angelical Wispers Throughout the Year. This book is a daily angel message with a daily journal exercise too.

I also cohost one time monthly on two internet shows, Blog Talk Radio and Paramania show.  I hope to have my own Blog Talk show very soon.  I have a monthly column in Angel Whispers in the name of the column..  My main goal is to help others to become more aware of how our angels help us in our every day lives and that everyone has that capability to connect with them if they so desire to do so. 

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