Do you want people to remember your 30 second North Shore Business Forum introduction? Tony Toledo is just the person to help you. He can craft a story that shows your business in the best light. We remember stories over facts. When your intro solves a problem a client didn’t even know they had, you have just got a new customer. Your 30 seconds can be that powerful. You can make half a dozen 30 second intros that each showcase a different aspect of your business. Listeners will write down your name so they can talk to you later.

Tony Toledo can help you tell the story you have always wanted your business to tell.  Be it your 30 second introduction, a youtube video showcasing your business, or a radio spot, Tony can help you polish your words and your story.  People will remember you and your business when you showcase the right story the right way.

Tony Toledo has been telling stories full time since 1990 for listeners at elementary schools, libraries, camps and birthday parties all across England. His ghost stories will make you jump.  His folk tales will leave you laughing. His tale of Letters, Friendship and Paper will inspire you to put a pen to paper yourself.

Tony is happy to lead Sunday morning services at your Unitarian Church (or which ever service you attend). He can speak about “Confessions of an Autograph Hound”, “Book Collecting in the 21st Century”, “Poems that Grab Your Heart”, to name but a few of the talks he is ready to give.
PO Box 302