Kenneth C. Halkin Management Consulting helps private business owners and non-profit orgqanizations with the business end of their business.  We work with clients in every phase of their business from start-up, to growth, to turn-around, to exit and succession planning.  We offer practical solutions that work in the areas of business and strategic planning, financial management (including part-time CFO services), facilitating mergers and business partnerships and exit planning.

Principal Consultant, Ken Halkin, has an MBA degree from Cornell University and over 30 years of combined management and management consulting experience in both the public and private sectors and both the for-profit and nont-for-profit sectors.  He has managed his own private consulting practice since January of 2005.  Ken has regional, national and international affiliations with business experts from every area of expertise and industry imaginable.

Assists private business owners and non-profit organizations with business plans, exit plans, financial management, mergers and new business partnerships and overall business strategy.
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Mike Sobus, CEO and Head Coach of Next Level Business Development is an international speaker, author and professional business coach. He works with business owners and decision-makers who are serious about growth but for whatever reason it is just not happening the way they want. Our coaching helps business executives realize what is standing between them and the business of their dreams. Usually those challenges are related to Time, Money and People. Our Business Builder Coaching Process assists the business leader to overcome those challenges now and in the future. With over three decades of not only achieving dramatic growth for my own businesses but also helping other businesses reach outstanding achievement in theirs, I understand the challenges facing business today and have the strategies, process and tools to turbo charge the growth that we want.

I am Peg Jones of Angelical Whispers. My office is at 234 Cabot street in Beverly MA. i am a life coach helping others to see how our angels work with us on  a daily basis. I help others to see this through individual coaching and classes. I will be starting and Angel Communication class in MAY FOR 12 WEEKS.  i have an weekly circle with the archangels.  I offer angel intuitive readings and also i am a Akashic Records Practioner and a Reiki 2 practitioner.

I have a new book coming out hopefully May of 2013. The name of the book is Living In The Heart Place with Your Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers Throughout the Year. This book is a daily angel message with a daily journal exercise too.

I also co-host one time monthly on two internet shows, Blog Talk Radio and Paramania show.  I hope to have my own Blog Talk show very soon.  I have a monthly column in Angel Whispers in the name of the column.  My main goal is to help others to become more aware of how our angels help us in our every day lives and that everyone has that capability to connect with them if they so desire to do so.
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Purple Diamond is a marketing coach and advertising agency which coaches companies on affordable and effective ways to market their business.  We look at how your business is perceived, your target audience, what story to tell about your product or service that will create attention, and where the best place is to advertise that story within your budget.  We build a lasting relationship with your company and offer you quality service at an affordable rate.  From helping you with Social Media Marketing, to creating a video for your website, or a TV/Radio commercial campaign, or coaching your business on results driven affordable ideas,  Purple Diamond is committed to your success.

Great at what you do, but can’t figure out how to market your business effectively and within your budget? Overwhelmed and confused by too many options on marketing technologies, strategies and tactics? Tired of wasting your marketing dollars on inefficient methods? Need results?!!! Purple Diamond is the solution! Purple Diamond is a marketing coach, advertising agency, and social media marketing maven. We help businesses attract more clients, make more money and achieve the success they desire. We focus on YOUR success and that is why our tagline is: SUCCESS WEARS THE PURPLE DIAMOND!

4 C’s of Purple Diamond Marketing:
Clarity = clear message
Cut = cut above the rest
Color = rare / great wealth
Carat Weight = is up to you!


Media Buying [TV / Radio / Print]
Marketing Coaching
Social Media Marketing Services & Tools
Corporate Videos
Newsletters / Email Marketing
Direct Mail Campaigns
Web Design Development
Outside the Box Advertising

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”

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