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David Cutler helps a wide range of clients refresh their Sales and Marketing to take advantage of the ever-evolving Web of Digital and Traditional Media.

I will help you sell more in 3 ways:

1) Re-define your markets and open doors for new Sales

2) Create multimedia Marketing materials that perform

3) Raise awareness and interest in your products

Examples: Digital Sales Strategy, Deal Coaching, Problem Solving, Project Management, Sales support and creative inspiration. Refresh your communications message with custom content and collateral. Ongoing Media assessment across your Internet agenda on the Web, Mobile, Social Media, and Events.

Emerging Brands Marketing works with food companies selling branded products for sale at retail (supermarkets, warehouse clubs, specialty food). We grow sales by working with our clients to launch highly successful branded food products or by providing consumer marketing in support of these products.

Emerging Brands Marketing works with food companies selling branded products for sale at retail (supermarkets, warehouse clubs, specialty food).  We grow sales by working with our clients to launch highly successful branded food products or by providing consumer marketing in support of these products.

Emerging Brands Marketing has worked with a variety of clients including Kettle Cuisine, Madden/Uno Foods, Morey Seafood, Sea Star Seafood, National Fish & Seafood, Harbor Sweets, and Calendar Island Lobster.  While at Gorton’s President Nancy Peterson launched the Grilled Fillet line, which grew to 20% of Gorton’s business and took them to #1 national brand share.
This is what we do for our clients:
Ø  Grow revenue and market share through highly successful product launches
Ø  Take new and existing products to established and developing customers
Ø  Open new markets
Ø  Identify new product opportunities
Ø  Conduct product research
Ø  Manage promotional plans and social media marketing Contact Nancy Peterson for more information.
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You have a story to tell.

Let’s tell it with beautiful imagery, beautiful websites and creative design.

photography for business and families | websites | graphic design & printing services | social media & engagement marketing | identity design
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We provide individualized solutions to help companies grow their brands through an improved online presence and increased visibility.

Online Amplify can help you on an interim or ongoing basis with your web or marketing-related projects. We focus on several key areas:

* Website optimization and usability: Based on best user experience practices and website analytics, we identify opportunities to optimize the usability of your website. Services include content creation, navigation, branding, value proposition development, search engine improvements, ease of use.

* Marketing and social media: We develop and implement marketing campaigns using email marketing and social media to build brand, draw visitors to your site, and promote/sell products. We can be your voice in blogs, email newsletters, and other social media.

* Content creation: With a focus on your key differentiating factors, we develop value propositions, taglines, website copy, and content for brochures, collateral or other needs.

* eCommerce: With a focus on moving the customer to purchase, we develop or enhance your product listings, create and manage categories, and develop merchandising promotions to bring visibility to your products.

We have been servicing customers in the North Shore area for over 31 years and look forward to the opportunity of working with you. It is our sincere hope that you will give our team the opportunity to demonstrate our exceptional customer service, quality products and value added services.

PIP Printing offers a wide range of services which include integrated marketing, design, printing, copying, booklet creation, brochures, business cards, envelopes, letterheads, cards, invitations, signs, posters, mailings, and promotional services. We are MUCH more than that. We pay close attention to detail, achieving an errorless environment, while offering our own suggestions to meet YOUR needs. In addition, graphic design collaboration will guide you step by step towards your final project or design something spectacular from scratch!

All your files are stored digitally by PIP Printing, ensuring that your job will be done quickly, at high quality, and re-ordering is as simple as a phone call, fax, web or email.

Learn how we can tailor a custom integrated marketing solution for you! This Big Picture approach encompasses the best of online and print philosophies.
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Purple Diamond is a marketing coach and advertising agency which coaches companies on affordable and effective ways to market their business.  We look at how your business is perceived, your target audience, what story to tell about your product or service that will create attention, and where the best place is to advertise that story within your budget.  We build a lasting relationship with your company and offer you quality service at an affordable rate.  From helping you with Social Media Marketing, to creating a video for your website, or a TV/Radio commercial campaign, or coaching your business on results driven affordable ideas,  Purple Diamond is committed to your success.

Great at what you do, but can’t figure out how to market your business effectively and within your budget? Overwhelmed and confused by too many options on marketing technologies, strategies and tactics? Tired of wasting your marketing dollars on inefficient methods? Need results?!!! Purple Diamond is the solution! Purple Diamond is a marketing coach, advertising agency, and social media marketing maven. We help businesses attract more clients, make more money and achieve the success they desire. We focus on YOUR success and that is why our tagline is: SUCCESS WEARS THE PURPLE DIAMOND!

4 C’s of Purple Diamond Marketing:
Clarity = clear message
Cut = cut above the rest
Color = rare / great wealth
Carat Weight = is up to you!


Media Buying [TV / Radio / Print]
Marketing Coaching
Social Media Marketing Services & Tools
Corporate Videos
Newsletters / Email Marketing
Direct Mail Campaigns
Web Design Development
Outside the Box Advertising

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”

Contact Charlene St. Jean at Purple Diamond today! 978-927-0626

Hi! I work in the field of Appreciation Marketing and help professionals stay in contact with their clients and loved ones through a unique greeting card system. I also help professionals create a lucrative side income working 5-10 hours a week.
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